St. Andrew Lutheran Church is a diverse, evolving group of people who believe in Jesus Christ and are guided by the Holy Spirit. We are grounded in a Lutheran understanding of Word and Sacrament. In gratitude for what God has freely given us, we are committed to serve all people without expectation of gain.

For our congregation, this means that we are strengthened by regular participation in the Sacraments, the study of Scripture, in prayer and praise. This will enable us to go and serve everyone who touches our community, excluding no one and welcoming all. We will work individually and with others to make our church and lives a living witness to Christ in our homes, neighborhoods, work places and all nations.

Our Story: Founded in 1891, we have always worked together to meet the needs of God’s people. As the world changed, so too has our ministry. An addition provided fellowship and worship space during the 1920s. We created Dial-a-Prayer to reach those who sought support and prayer via phone in 1954. In the 1990s, we chose to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation, which means we welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people into full participation in our community. We joined with St John’s (Bloomfield) in 2001 – welcoming them to share with us in worship and ministry. We struggle and strive every day to “Love Everyone Exclude No One.”