Shelter Dinner: On the third Tuesday of every month we provide and serve a much appreciated meal at a men’s shelter in East Liberty.

Hurricane Katrina Relief: Members of our congregation are engaged in on-going support to the people and communities of the Gulf Coast to provide relief from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In January 2012, five members returned from their trip to the Gulf Coast where they participated in work re-building homes, re-planting wetlands, and other community and social support.

Hearts and Hands: This group meets to provide prayerfully made items, shawls, blankets and much more, to anyone in need of special comfort or care. We welcome all who like to participate regardless of skill level, religious affiliation, gender, or age. If you know someone who may find comfort or peace through the receipt of a prayerfully made item, please contact the church office at 412.682.3342 or email

Jail Worship: Each month our congregation sends a team to lead worship at the Allegheny County Jail. This important ministry helps bring hope to those in need and reminds us to make certain that we are striving to “Love Everyone¬†Exclude No One.”