pastor rossOur Mission: St. Andrew Lutheran Church is a diverse, evolving group of people who believe in Jesus Christ and are guided by the Holy Spirit. We are grounded in a Lutheran understanding of Word and Sacrament. In gratitude for what God has freely given us, we are committed to serve all people without expectation of gain. For our congregation, this means that we are strengthened by regular participation in the Sacraments, the study of Scripture, in prayer and praise. This will enable us to go and serve everyone who touches our community, excluding no one and welcoming all. We will work individually and with others to make our church and lives a living witness to Christ in our homes, neighborhoods, work places and all nations.

Our Congregation Council

President: Neal Mortensen
Vice President: Kelly Spanninger
Secretary: Denny Martin
Financial Secretary: Ken Neundorf
Treasurer: Brian Aiello
Budget and Finance: Jodie Minor
Congregation and Community Ministry: Angela Wyman
Education and Advocacy: Jessica Smith
Evangelism: David Rollinson
Property: Jason Kennedy
Stewardship: Sara Ernst
Worship: Jimmi Kocher-Hillmer