pastor ross
Pastor Ross Carmichael

Pastor Ross began his call at St. Andrew in August of 2014. He is a graduate of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and Valparaiso University, and he comes to Pittsburgh from Chicago, where he served a congregation on the southwest side for nine years. Pastor Ross is married to Laura, and they enjoy spending time together with their dogs, Peppe and Luca. Pastor Ross’s interests include literature, music, Scrabble, baseball, and hockey. He has already embraced the Pirates and their beautiful ballpark here in Pittsburgh.

Our Mission:
St. Andrew Lutheran Church is a diverse, evolving group of people who believe in Jesus Christ and are guided by the Holy Spirit. We are grounded in a Lutheran understanding of Word and Sacrament. In gratitude for what God has freely given us, we are committed to serve all people without expectation of gain. For our congregation, this means that we are strengthened by regular participation in the Sacraments, the study of Scripture, in prayer and praise. This will enable us to go and serve everyone who touches our community, excluding no one and welcoming all. We will work individually and with others to make our church and lives a living witness to Christ in our homes, neighborhoods, work places and all nations.